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Based on marketing research, sales analysis, and customer feedback hospital gift shops have proven to be the number one setting to achieve maximum sales volumes of the original Baby Scrub®. Here are a few reasons why:


The original Baby Scrub® is the most original gift idea for sharing the joy of a newborn child. This is a gift that the child will have as a keepsake forever!

This product is like no other article of clothing for a newborn. Each scrub set gets permanently personalized to reflect each individual child's birth information.

Hospital gift shops have traffic flowing through constantly that are in search of gift ideas for newborn loved ones.

Doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff wear scrubs on a daily basis. There is a mental link created by people between scrub sets and hospitals.

Often OBGYNs have practices set up in a hospital, this combined with the maternity ward equals large numbers of people visiting your hospital that compose the direct target market.

Word of mouth advertising spreads quickly. Once hospital staff and satisfied gift purchasers begin to tell others of the original Baby Scrub® - people will come to get this ideal gift from someone they know.

The original Baby Scrub® is quickly becoming a gift phenomenon of the 21st century. Within 5 years 50% of the children born in the U.S. will receive the original Baby Scrub® on their birthday and will be able to cherish it for their lifetime. 

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