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The Original Baby Scrub® is an identical replica of the ones doctors and nurses wear at the hospital.

The Original Baby Scrub® has a unique embossed pocket ready to write the baby's name, birth date, time, weight, doctor's name, and hospital. Each scrub set includes a permanent mini pen for pocket personalization. The Baby Scrub® is trademarked and copyrighted.

Because Baby Scrubs are such unique and convenient gifts, they practically sell themselves! In fact, those are the very words of a longtime Baby Scrub retailer.

"The Baby Scrub has sold well for many, many years in our hospital gift shop. This product sells itself [because] it is a unique and personal keepsake gift," says Joyce Freeman, Gift Shop Manager of Coral Springs Med. Center. She goes on: "Not to mention, it uses very little space."

Local wholesaler Scott agrees that the flat, light package doesn't "take any space." He has found the Original Baby Scrub to be "a great line for kids' specialty stores, hospital gift shops, and gift shops with a baby area."


The Original Baby Scrub® outfit has four velcro tabs on the back for an easy fit and matching drawstring pants. Fits babies up to 12 pounds. Each set comes packaged in a precious decorative see-through envelope ready to mail. A sweet poem is included - no greeting card necessary!

Barbara Bush is the creative designer that gave birth to this treasured keepsake "The Original Baby Scrub®". With her six children in mind, she wanted them all to have a personal keepsake of their birth. Born with a creative flair, Barbara worked at Disney World for nearly 10 years in the art department, then relocated to Boca Raton and started work for J.C.Gear as a fashion designer, and then to work as interior designer for Southern Most Millwork.

The unique ideas are always flowing - so be ready! New products are designed regularly. It's only a matter of time.

Barbara Bush resides in Boca Raton Florida with her loving husband and her six children.

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